Clients’ Bill of Rights

1. Clients shall have the right to be informed of all the services we recommend. All services shall be explained in clear and plain English before client consent. Before the project begins, all services that will be provided shall be in writing with a copy to the client in clear language. Sorry, we cannot accommodate languages other than English at this time.) Should the client require alternative languages, the client shall be responsible for finding translation services to ensure understanding of all contracts. However, the client’s signature on English contract shall be deemed by the client to be understood and the contract valid.

Client’s Bill of Rights

2. Clients shall have the right to ethical and honest treatment and transparency in pricing. All pricing and costs shall be provided up front and in writing to the client before the project begins. Pricing is for ad management only. The client is responsible for all charges to the ad accounts for the budget the client desires. Should the client request an increased ad budget with increased services, ad groups and ads, this will need to be negotiated with Christy’s marketing solutions. Some ad management services are percentage based. Should a client decide to increase or decrease ad budgets that carry a percentage price for management, that percentage shall be deemed to change per current budget as agreed upon before the project begins. All increases and decreases in advertising budgets shall be provided to Christy’s Marketing Solutions in writing.


3. The client has the right to understand all contracts and communications. For this reason, all contracts shall be in plain English, not lawyer-ese. However, despite this, all contracts shall be considered binding and enforceable. The jurisdiction for all contracts shall be Sonoma County, California.


4. Client retains all rights and copyrights to any materials provided by us and to us for their sole use. Examples include, but are not limited to domain names, pictures designed by us or provided by the client, content and any other information provided by the client or by us as part of our service for the sole purpose of providing the client’s marketing.


5. Client shall be confident in any material used on any advertising created by us. All efforts shall be made to obtain and utilize the client’s pictures and written materials. Should it become necessary or should the client contract for services that require the use of outside sources, any and all materials shall only be used if it carries a creative commons license, licensed for commercial use with no attribution required. Alternatively, we may use subscription services which allow us to resell content on a commercial license free of future royalty fees.


6. Client is deemed to have the following rights to domain names and websites: All said domain names belong to the client and client will retain all rights to the domain name. Websites created by us shall be given to the client promptly upon cancellation if the contract has been fulfilled. If we are providing hosting for the domain name or website per client request, these items shall be turned over to the client or surrogate per client instructions. Websites designed by us will only be transferred if contractual payment obligation has been met.


7. The client has the right to expect transparency and openness in reporting regarding our contractually provided services. We believe the best reporting comes from 3rd party services such as Google, Facebook, or other companies. This ensures accurate reporting rather than reports that could have been doctored to bolster our service results. All reports shall be provided to clients on such schedule as client desires, be it daily, weekly or monthly. Clients have the right to have this reporting explained to ensure understanding of said reports.


8. Client has the right to expect that conversion tracking is accurately reported using best practices. As this service has been used by unscrupulous marketers, we offer this guarantee up front. We never require this service as part of your contract, however, call tracking, can be advantageous to best assist in monitoring data to ensure best results. While this service is available, it does carry certain limitations. If the client chooses to utilize this service, we can arrange for this. Alternatively, clients can provide this service for themselves by contacting providers of this service. Phone numbers used for this service can be transferred to the client by contacting their phone service provider and requesting porting of these numbers.


9. Clients shall have the right to privacy and safeguarding of their data. Often, to best optimize service and best serve our clients, we must be granted ownership or administrative access to accounts. We use master accounts whenever possible. However, it can become necessary for us to utilize client usernames and passwords to provide contracted services. Client shall always retain ownership and administrative access. When required, the client’s username and password shall be kept private and safeguarded. Clients shall never be restricted from access to their accounts. No password will ever be changed without express permission from the client. Client shall retain the right to revoke our access at any time, though the client does acknowledge this does not discontinue their contractually obligated services if their actions prevent us from completing our contractual obligations.


10. Clients have the right to fair, ethical and honest treatment at ALL times. To this end, we strive to offer transparency and openness in all our dealings. We always offer complete access to any accounts created for the client.