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In short, your website is your storefront on the internet. While your type of business dictates some aspects of your website, you still want it to reflect your company's uniqueness and style. Having a website that stands out and tells your potential customers why they should use you rather than your competitor can go a long way toward making the sale.

Different companies have different needs when it comes to website design. If you’re a smaller company that does not need e-commerce, a simple website may be fit the bill. However, if you are a larger company, or make sales online, you may need a more complex customized website.

We can help with web design, development and hosting for all business types and needs, from a simple WordPress site to beautiful custom designed hand-coded websites.

Our experts have the skill necessary to make all types of website from the very simple to the very complex. We offer both custom WordPress and hand-coded custom websites with E-commerce, appointment scheduling, countdowns, and other options such as chat bots and more.

Depending on your needs and your plan, we can provide domain name and website hosting services. However, unlike many other services, you retain all rights to your domain name, and, once your contract is fulfilled, your website. You will never have to fight to gain access to that which you have paid for. We believe in the rights of our clients and provide only the most ethical service.

As always, our websites come both a la carte or as part of a package. Prices do vary based on complexity and the level of assistance you need and desire. While basic copywriting and copy editing do come with the website, more extensive copywriting may be extra.


We provide initial on-page SEO as part of your design. However, more extensive SEO separate. One time on and off-page SEO is provided at a minimal cost. However, for best results, we encourage a more comprehensive package, as one-time SEO does not accomplish much in the way of your rankings.

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