Email Marketing

Email Marketing

Email marketing can be an effective method of both keeping your name in front of the client so that they consider you when shopping for your product or service, developing relationships with your client, positioning yourself as the expert, and even gaining referrals and leads.


Unfortunately, spam has become so common, it can be challenging to get reasonable open rates, and you don’t want to be marked as junk too often, as this can land you in spam folders and your customers and potential customers won’t even see your emails.


At Christy’s marketing solutions, we can help you develop an effective email marketing program that enables you to get the results you want from your email campaigns. We know what is effective and what isn’t.


Some of the types of email campaigns we set our clients up with include:

  • Thank you and please review us (Word of mouth is still the best advertising. These days, word of mouth often takes the form of reviews for your services.)
  • Refer-a-friend (Again, word of mouth.)
  • Drip campaigns
  • Newsletters, also known as email blasts
  • Blogs delivered to straight to your customer’s inbox
  • Special offers
Email Marketing

We not only assist with setting up these campaigns but also make sure they are fully automated.

We understand personalizing your email campaign for your customer is the most effective method of ensuring good open rates. By personalization, I don’t merely mean your customers name, but personalized to your customer’s situation and needs. For instance, you own a pet shop. Your customer is more likely to open your email if you know they own not only a dog, but that the dog’s name is Patches, it is a poodle, and you give information specific to poodles.


We specialize in helping automate your personized email campaigns.