Did you know that most digital marketing agencies do not provide for original copywriting? I was shocked when I tried to start my first website with a digital marketing agency before going into the marketing business. They expected answers to questions, and I didn’t have the answers. They weren’t there to create the content, only to create the website. I knew nothing about USPs (Unique Selling Proposition), FAB (Features, Advantages, Benefits), calls to action, creating urgency, SEO content or anything else I needed to create for my business. That was many classes, and several years of marketing experience ago.

What is someone who wants to best market their product or services to do? How do you develop the content and other copywriting you need for the best results? If you have a previous website with great content, are conversant in marketing speak, have plenty of time and writing skills, you may not need these services. However, if you don’t, Christy’s Marketing Solutions can help.

Unfortunately, copywriters, especially copywriters skilled in SEO copywriting are expensive. The standard price for copywriters can run anywhere from 50¢ to $2 a word, or if hourly, from $75 to $200 an hour. Many website services use a template over and over and over again and plug in your prior website content. If you don’t have a prior website, you are generally expected to provide the content or settle for canned content, not unique to your business. For instance, you are an electrical contractor. You hire a company to make your website inexpensively. They make your website publish it on the web. What you don’t realize at the time is they copy-pasted most of the text from another electrical business into your content. Shouldn’t be a problem, that other company is across the country, right? WRONG! Here is the biggest problem with that. No matter where your business is, you are competing for google rankings. Yes, you can hope, being local, those rankings will go to you. Unfortunately, however, this is where things can take a turn for the worse.

Content is the single most important thing for both Google Ads and SEO. If your main website contains what Google automated bots consider “plagiarized” content, they will not rank you at all. They may even blacklist you. You may never see any rankings.


Christy’s Marketing Solutions can help with all types of copywriting and SEO copywriting, including:

  • Content
  • Blogs
  • E-books
  • Product descriptions
  • Short video scripts
  • Offline brochures
  • Direct mail and other marketing materials

We understand copywriting is expensive and can offer ideas to keep from breaking the bank. Plus, we provide pricing plans with deep discounts in many package deals. One-time copywriting and copyediting services are included in all packages that include a new website.