Hi. I’m Christy, the founder, and owner of Christy’s Marketing Solutions. Thank you for taking the time to check us out. If you want to know more about our background, I’ll be happy to show why we are who we are. However, if you just want the best in qualified marketers, you can safely skip this page. It’s long; it’s boring. But I believe, for those who want to know, it’s important to tell our story.


All of us come from a solid background in marketing. I have put together a fantastic team of experienced, highly-qualified professionals that are committed to providing you with the very best in both marketing and customer service.


First, a bit about me: I became interested in marketing when I was, as they say, knee-high to a grasshopper, so many moons ago. Yes, I’m old, “Older than the trees, younger than the mountains…” But, I digress. It was more than 30 years ago (and, while that gives you an idea how old I am, I refuse to narrow it down more than that.) Anyway, to get back on topic, I became fascinated with marketing, marketing psychology, branding, and more. Way back in that day, of course, the world wide web did not yet exist. Mostly, advertising took the form of TV and radio commercials, and a fair amount of print advertising.


After graduating from high school with an English major, I went on to college. My major was in business and marketing. The classes I took gave me a strong base in marketing psychology and the history of marketing. Even now, in this age of digital marketing, I believe that education is invaluable to my clients. I know what works and what doesn’t. However, don’t think for a minute that does not mean I don’t keep up with the latest techniques. I believe in continuing my education so that I can bring my clients the very best in current marketing strategies.


As I got older, I did the same as many young women: I married. I had kids. My husband was a military man, so we moved quite a bit. Helping to support a family required I have a portable career. For this reason, I became a registered nurse. When my career was suddenly cut short due to a disability, I examined my options, assessed my skills and returned to my roots. That was almost a decade ago. I had spent many years learning advanced computer skills, and I was, if I listened to others, a competent writer. I had been published a few times, in magazines, blogs, etc. I decided to begin a full-time career in copywriting specializing in health and wellness topics.


I quickly discovered that the easiest path to supporting yourself writing was with marketing and sales copywriting. Within a couple of years, I managed to put several copywriting courses under my belt. After that, I fell into a project manager job with a digital marketing company. In that company, I learned the ins and outs, and the do’s and don’ts of all forms of digital marketing. My quench for more and more knowledge to help my clients led to more and more classes. Each class helped me improve my clients’ results.


I quickly rose to the position of Senior Project Manager. This provided me with the experience and education needed to handle multiple accounts and lead a team of marketers. As it was a small company, I had to learn to create landing pages, optimize social media marketing, generate email marketing and more. I also used my copywriting skills in content marketing, video script writing, etc.


Unfortunately, due to this experience, I found a major problem with many, if not most, digital marketing companies. Most owners and salespeople tend to believe more in sales, contracts, and greed rather than the client’s success. I found that many companies overpromise and under deliver, leaving many clients disillusioned. I became frustrated, as I knew I was performing quality work, but I also knew unscrupulous salespeople promised the impossible. (I believe in transparency, and we do NOT make promises we can’t keep.)


Now, I continue to see so many companies promising their client’s that they will reach the top of Google with organic results on highly competitive keywords within 30 days. This, simply put, will not happen. If you are considering such a company, run. They will not deliver, as, quite frankly, that is not possible using proper techniques. The companies that do get you quick results (rare) can only maintain those rankings for a short time. They use something known in the industry as “black hat” techniques. With these techniques, your rankings will rise quickly. Unfortunately, then you drop like a rock, and can even be banned from search engines and never show up again. Usually, by then, these companies have locked you into a contract where you don’t have the rights you think you do. You will not get your money back, no matter what they guaranteed during the sale.


As a result, based on my education and experience, I have put together a marketing company that believes in under promising and over delivering. We believe the best path to our success, is YOUR success. By providing real value, and real results, we know we will retain our clients, and hopefully, gain valuable referrals that mean so much to a company. Word of mouth is still king, and likely always will be. Though, these days, word of mouth comes in many more forms.


Our Team
My commitment to honest and ethical business practices made me put together an amazing team. We value hard work and customer service. We are a co-op of practitioners that maintain the highest standards in our respective specialties. Most of the team have left companies that over promise and under deliver. We are the elite.  We do not cut corners. While we are not the cheapest, we are the best value. We base our prices on your business and marketing needs. We offer both one-time service, month to month service, or contracts based on your goals, not ours.

Are You Ready to Put Your Marketing on Steroids?

We are fully committed to your success.
YOUR success is our success!