Google Ads—A Case Study of One Project and the Progress We Made

I recently took on a project of a company who had “ok” conversion rates but felt they weren’t getting the most from their Google Ads. I was asked to evaluate their current Google Ads and do what I could in 30 days to get better results.

Upon initial evaluation, I noted the following:

At that time, their cost/conversion for the previous 30 days was $301.

I started work on August 6 converting their landing pages to Google-friendly landing pages. On August 12, for the heck of it, I ran their account through the free Google Ads grader from Wordstream. As you can see, their account had a dismal score of 63%.

Beginning on August 12, their landing pages ready, I started working on their ads, budget, and other tweaks to improve their Google Ads and quality scores. I rewrote ads, shut off ad groups that weren’t working, got rid of keywords that weren’t working, added keywords, added negative keywords, added a call-only campaign, and more.

At the end of the 30 days, I was able to report the following for the 30 days prior:

However, their cost per conversion was down to $200 for August.

Moreover, much of this month was before we began working on the account. So, I ran some comparisons to show the difference as my work begun.

Please see the following figures:

Last 14 days of project vs last 14 days of month prior

Last 7 days of project vs last 7 days of month prior

As you can see, the rates were steadily improving. The prior 7 days shows:

The cost/conversion for the final 7 days of the project was $82.17.

You can see, while the cost-per-click had gone up, the cost/conv had decreased from $301 to $82.17.

I also ran a new Google Ads account grader from Wordstream. The account had gone from a grade of 63 to a grade of 88.

The cost/conversion for the final seven days of the project was $82.17.


Even though the cost-per-click had gone up, the cost/Conv had decreased from $301 to $82.17. As it takes Google’s machine learning time to optimize, I fully expect the CPC to decrease given time going forward.

I also ran a new Google Ads account grader from Wordstream. The account had gone from a grade of 63 to a grade of 88.


It is important to note that these figures do not show results from my final tweaks, and therefore do not reflect how the account will perform going forward. You will note the cost-per-click has gone up. The higher CPC is due, in part, to the addition of the call only campaign, as well as the lack of results from our final tweaks.

I expect their results going forward will improve both with lower cost-per-clicks and decreased cost/Conv.


Before ending the project, I did set up some rules within Google Ads to help manage their account going forward. They prefer to manage their account in-house. I did give them the recommendation that their campaigns, to continue with the improved results, will require continual monitoring and tweaking. Their in-house person will need to continue with monitoring keywords and adding negative keywords. They will also need to keep watching the ads and add and remove as necessary. They also plan to add content that will require landing pages that are Google Ads friendly.


While I cannot show results from our efforts after the final tweaks, I feel confident that their account will continue with improved performance.

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