Marketing Best Practices – 5 Ways Collaboration Improves Your Outcome

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Why collaborating with your marketing agency improves results

I have several types of clients. Some want to direct my every move; others don’t want to hear from me unless it’s a report. The best results for marketing, however, come from a collaborative approach. In large part, this is due to the fact that you know your business best. While your marketing agency knows the best way to run your campaigns, and how to show you off in the best light, to do this, knowing your business, your products, and your specific services is crucial.

1.     Why can’t my marketing agency just do it themselves?

Once your marketing agency gathers the initial information, in large part, they can function independently. However, a collaborative approach still works best. You have the information we need to show you in the best light. You know your business, you know the products you sell, you know the services you offer. Even similar companies, such as roofers, offer small differences that can make the difference in setting you apart. While much of this information is gathered in the set-up period, often there are changes, and we need to be kept up to date, so we can help you market for this.

2.     Why does my marketing copywriter need help? Don’t they do the research?

What copywriters need can be highly variable on the type of business you run. While I always tell people any blogging about your business is good, best practices are an SEO copywritten blog on your industry. This will help Google and other search engines find your page quicker and get you more organic results. For most everyday businesses, your copywriter can often be left alone to select the topic and do the research. However, having you provide what topics you want to be covered can often be priceless. The time taken to figure out a theme can usually be better spent on research and writing. Plus, if you have offer information, this can further reduce your copywriting costs.

Another reason your copywriter may need your help? She may be picking your topic and wants to be absolutely sure you provide that specific product or service. For instance, one of my clients is a pest control company. I knew termite control was one of the services he likes to highlight. When choosing the topic for his blog, I came across termite tenting. I wasn’t sure if he offered this service, so I had to check with him. He doesn’t. Imagine if I had written a blog on termite tenting, and he started getting calls for this service. Not good.

3.     Why does my agency need more information for my email marketing?

I’m need to be honest here. For most small, local businesses, email newsletters are rarely effective, even for gathering emails. Most people are so tired of spam unless you are offering something good, they aren’t going to give you any email address they actually check. Local businesses best bet as far as email marketing is concerned is keeping your name in your customer’s mind, getting reviews and referrals, reminder services and offering coupons and specials. Obviously, as a marketing agency, to provide this service, we need to know both what clients you have served, but also what service, how often do you want them to be reminded, what specifics we can use for personalization, and what coupons and specials you want us to offer.

4.     Now what? My marketing agency is calling me about my PPC campaigns.

While this call is likely less than the others, sometimes feedback is needed. Promotions can be valuable in PPC campaigns, as well as feedback. Unless you are using a call tracking service, conversion data is not entirely reliable. Even if you are using a call tracking service, you don’t want to pay fees for someone to listen to all your phone calls.

5.     Cost containment

Not all programs are right for every business. And, even when they are right for your business, they often come with additional fees. In collaboration with your marketing strategist, you can advertise in a way that is the most cost effective for your circumstances.


While yes, after the initial information is gathered, your marketing agency can handle your marketing campaign on their own, the benefits of collaboration pay dividends. Remember, there is no one who knows your business better than you. Call Christy’s Marketing Solutions for marketing strategists that know how to get results, today.