5 ways blogs help your SEO

5 ways blogs help your SEO

I often find small companies are the most resistant to adding a blog to their website. Incorrectly, they assume a blog will not add value, and will not gain them more customers. 5 top reasons why a blog is essential to drive more potential customers to your business include:

Does blogging really help SEO?

The answer to this question is an unqualified and resounding YES! While many factors go into search engine optimization, Google and others are looking to provide relevant and useful information to their users. So, how does blogging how does blogging help with SEO?

  • Blogs provide content

Algorithms, needless to say, aren’t human, and humans don’t individually look at websites to determine how relevant and useful the information is. (That would be a monumental task, indeed.) More pages in your website equate with more information to search engines. Plus, indexing more pages of content helps search engines better define what content your site provides.

  • Blogs provide fresh content

If you are researching a report or other reason, don’t you prefer knowing that the information you receive is current? Search engines algorithms like new and updated information. Newer blogs offer content to demonstrate the information is up to date. Providing regular updates is rewarded with higher rankings.

  • Better use of keywords

Keywords can only be used so many times on one page without being labeled as “keyword stuffing.” Many years ago, how many times a keyword appeared on a page went into determining how relevant a page was. Unfortunately, this led to abuses such as full pages of the keyword being used and reused. Now, search engines penalize you for the overuse of your keywords. However, using keywords on multiple pages eliminates this issue. Also, blogs enable you to utilize “long-tailed” keywords more effectively. Consider the search, “how do I train my parrot to speak?” The previous question is an example of a long-tailed keyword would be unlikely to be found on pages that sell parrot treats. Nor should it be. It would look out of place. But, if used effectively in a blog, it will draw potential customers to your company’s website. (And, if they want to use treats to teach their parrot, this may gain you a customer.) Also, this blog is a perfect example of “inbound marketing.” For more information on inbound marketing, check here.

  • Keep visitors on your site longer

More time spent on your website and more pages viewed indicates to Google that people find your information useful and relevant. Again, what is Google primarily looking for in a website? Usefulness and relevance. If your visitors are staying long enough to read and visiting multiple pages, there is probably a good reason. You found what you need. (It is a good idea also to link blogs to other blog posts, to help lure your reader into viewing more pages.)

  • Higher quality backlinks

You will always hear about backlinks when discussing SEO. Unfortunately, many unscrupulous providers add your website and pages to “link farms.” (Gaining backlinks in this manner is considered a “black hat” technique which will backfire on you eventually.) These backlinks are not helpful as they are not considered high quality. Backlinks, correctly utilized help Google to determine your authority on a given subject, thus improving your SEO results. You can increase your high-quality back links by trading links with another expert site, guest blogging, and making sure your blogs get posted to your social media account.


Don’t ask yourself “why should I blog?” If you do, then you are asking the wrong question. Ask yourself, “Why aren’t I blogging?” While a blog is not the sole technique used by your SEO expert to achieve rankings, it is well worth the effort. Blogging puts SEO alone on steroids. Blogging is the most meaningful gift you can give to your company’s marketing efforts. If your marketing agency doesn’t encourage you to blog, and your SEO isn’t getting the results you want, call the marketing experts at Christy’s Marketing Solutions today.